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Cats 😻😸😿

For those inquiring 🧐 minds.

Update on our FDDR kitty’s: 😻11/17/2022

Thank you to Jamie for reaching out to us and sharing this information.

From Jamie:

Hi everyone, if you’re seeing less kitties being fed it’s because a group is actively relocating them. Unfortunately big fluffy orange kitty passed away at the vets office upon intake, he had a neurological issue.

I’m unsure of the plan however they are still checking area to trap remaining. The calico is doing fantastic and is likely adoptable, the black and white wants nothing to do with humans however they have a sweet heated garage set up with outdoor access so he’s enjoying that. I’ve given their vetting info to the group who is trapping. You can always reach out if you see them and I can let them know they’ve been spotted. I’ve informed them at the beginning of my feedings, there were 7 cats.

We know how much love we all have for our FDDR cats. It’s heart warming to know they are getting good care and will have a fur ever home. Best of luck our furry 😸 friends!

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