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Our board and daily volunteers
Board Members
Mat Simons
Mat Simons
Chief Executive Officer

Born in Lanklaar in the Flemish part of Belgium many years ago.


I became a baker apprentice at the age of 14. Started my own bakery when I was 25.

In 1985 I was writing programs for computers and started a poster print-shop as a side business. After several years I stopped baking and printing when I alone moved to the USA in 2003.

When I met and married Rose in 2012 it just clicked and when we learned more and became involved with an existing group that was helping the homeless and hungry on the streets of greater Detroit we knew we had to step up when that group got into trouble.

On April 19 2018 we started the Feeding Detroit and Downriver LLC to make it legal and served meals and clothing etc out of the back of our car every day.


My background in running a business pays off every day. We worked hard to expand and build the trust of our supporters and the ones in need.

And it worked, on July 19 2019 we received the big news FDDR became officially a

Non Profit Public Charity Organization.501(c)3

We see our organization growing every day and it will grow more with YOUR help.

We are only one link in the chain of change!


Get involved and YOU become a link in the chain of change TOO!

Rose Poe-Simons
Rose Poe-Simons
Chairman of the board

Greetings from Rose.

I am a critical care nurse and work full time night-shifts.
Mat is my husband and partner in life. My children are grown and have blessed me with 5 grandchildren.

I have been devoted to FDDR for over 2 years now, my experience and compassion as a nurse is a big help out there.

Everyday is an experience, being involved with this group has changed my outlook on life, I learned that I can make a difference!
I"m grateful for each day and believe that each day has something special to offer. I enjoy going out in Ziggy and helping others. It is truly a gift which we can only do with help from each of you and happily share this every day.

Thank you & One Love All...

Dinna Jesse
Dina Jesse
Vice Chairman of the board

My name is Dina Jesse. I have a loving husband of 30 years, We were high school sweethearts. I have a beautiful daughter and 4 fur babies.

I’m a very loving caring person who’s family means the world to me. I made a lifelong career out of customer service starting at the age of 18. I was a cashier for 3 months then promoted to Front End Supervisor. I did this for several years. I then went into pharmacy where i chose my passion as a pharmacy technician for nearly 20 years.


My love for interacting and helping others has made me always try to do one nice thing a day for someone (Pay it forward).

One day i found Feeding Detroit and Downriver on Facebook. I started watching and following them everyday. I was so amazed how they were giving back to our community. I loved the compassion Mat & Rose had for the people. I soon started making comments to help them get other viewers involved. Shortly there after i was sending links for Mat.


I wanted to help them even more and be more active to give back to the community. I went from making sandwiches to making a meal then riding along to help pass out meals.


Here we are a year and a half later and my passion stays strong.It gives me purpose in life knowing that i can give back to those in need, make others smile & help make a difference.

I’m so very honored and blessed to be a member of the board.

One Love  One Family!!

Moderator & Guest Moderators

My name is Dina Jesse.

see my resume on the board members section

One Love  One Family!!

Dina Jesse
Liz Sandli

My name is Liz Sandli, I'm 36 years old born and raised in Cleveland Ohio , I live in Mentor now.


I'm a mom I have 3 kids Donald, Nicole & Christopher and also 1 dog and 3 cats. My Fiance name is Don and we have been together for 9 years.


I found FDDR while searching Facebook it came up and I was a silent watcher, i started to warm up and talk to everyone and made friends. I fell in love the 1st time watching. It's an amazing thing that FDDR does .

My youngest son Donald who's 5 started watching with me and he was hooked and he watches everyday with me. He loves the song "A Bag Of Food" He sings it all the time at home and sings it at lunch time at school.


He has changed so much since watching he now talks to others who are alone and makes friends he shares his lunch & snack if someone doesn't have food. He has a huge heart being so little. I have always been a people person. I have always worked in customer service because I love helping and offering a helping hand.

I have been this way since I could remember.


Me & my kids live by two motto's.. " To Earn Respect You Must Give Respect" & "Never Look Down On Someone Unless You're Helping Them Up".


Watching Mat, Rose & Dina and what they do have opened my eyes. I look at the whole picture and not just a small part. One day I would love to do what they do. They have a huge heart of Gold.


One Love One Heart One Family


Hello my name is Irene Roe.

Went to Edgewood Senior High Graduated in 1972

Lives in Edgewood, Maryland


My bio comes later

Have a blessed day


Irene Roe
Promoters & more

Hello friends.

My name is Laura and I live in Nederland, Texas. I am 52 years old. and I began watching FDDR's live feeds about a year and a half ago for the first time, I love what they are doing for the hungry and homeless.

I wanted to do more,  I started helping with a donation for pizza day and singing along with Mat.

And now I am proud to be a Promoter for FDDR.  I love being a part of this awesome group.


May God bless you all.


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