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Thankful and blessed

As i sit here and worry about buying gifts 🎁 for Christmas, i remind myself there are others out there that have absolutely nothing. Most have no one to even share Christmas with. They are hungry, cold and have no shelter. So i remind myself how fortunate i am to have so many family/friends. This season can be stressful but always remember what the true meaning of Christmas 🎄 is. Christ birthday 🥳🎄

being the first and foremost!! I know myself i wouldn’t be here without Christ in my life. So when I’m depressed i say THANK YOU god for always loving me unconditionally and making me happy helping others. #FDDR

Help others when ever you can to help make this place a better world for our children and their children. People matter, NO ONE should go hungry or cold in this world. Thanks for listening…



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