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A little help is needed everywhere!

"doesn't everyone put whole chickens in the oven at 3:30am to roast them? lol" I just had to share this message I received this morning at 4 am when I was checking up with one of the cooks to see if everything was going all-right. It really shows the dedication of our volunteers. Like every morning our volunteers at FDDR are hard at work to prepare for the live feed of the day, making sure our extended family, the homeless and hungry will be served and have a decent meal. Preparing and packing meals is the most important part!

This is why we really want to thank and support our volunteers & cooks, now more then ever.

A Huge Thank You to all that made this possible!

Help us help them. Sponsor a meal/or part of a meal. $10,$20,$40 or $100 no donation is too small!

You can also help by making 10, 20 or 30 meals to help! Any number of meals helps a lot, Please contact us if you can.

We really appreciate your continued SUPPORT! All this wouldn’t happen WITHOUT “YOU”.

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