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We need your help.

NO FOOD - NO MEALS - that is what is on the mealtrain: NOTHING!!!

NOTHING means FDDR can not go out and feed the hungry, no meals to hand out, no live feeds of those waiting for FDDR to show up! We cannot handout pizza everyday, we need cooks, we do have a small pantry to help our cooks.

If you can cook/make a small number of meals to help the ones in need that would really help them.

The donations are smaller, and yes we know times are hard for everybody but we need You to step up, like you did before, so FDDR can keep on going feeding the hungry. The need is great and we can not do it without the help of everybody!

So far You all have really, really supported and grown FDDR and we are very thankful for every little donation or help we received from all of You.

If you want to help us to keep going send an email to or call us at 313 544 6661.

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