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Today on day 888 FDDR served meal #80,000

Some numbers since the start of #FDDR

- In 888 Days we served 80,092 meals to the hungry!

YES more than 80,000 Meals

- ZIGGY-2 drove today 44 miles for the Feed & Pickup

( Gas/maintenance Sponsored by your donations! Thank you.) Total miles driven is 50,007.

Wednesday 9-23-2020 - 215 Meals - Day 888

FDDR served 215 Meals Today

-125 Beef Stew w/ bread and sweets. Provided by Sue & friends. (Birthday meal from Sue - Happy day of being!)

- 90 Salisbury steak over rice w/ beans & sweet. Prepared by Rose from Donations.

A VERY Huge Thank You to all that made this possible!

In the bus today: Mat & Dee.

Want to come out and ride with us on Ziggy? Please fill out this form so we can find a day that fits for you!!

Can you make 10, 20, or 30 meals for the ones in need? ANYTHING helps, if you can not cook maybe you can sponsor a part of a meal $10, $20, $40, or $100 no donation is too small. Plus as a bonus it will warm your heart to know somebody will not go to sleep hungry!

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