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Sorting shoes

Today Sunday March 14th was not a day to rest for our ladies Rose, Dina & Lady Dee. While Mat was inside doing paperwork the lovely ladies were outside unpacking the shoes we received last week.

With plenty of sunshine they enjoyed unboxing and sorting the shoes for our extended family on the streets of SW Detroit.

All of a sudden the dog-inspector Chewy walked up and made his rounds to see that they did a good job and yes he approved their job.

We want to thank all the donors that made this possible by donating so many hightop working shoes.

Thank you ALL and have a blessed week.

And we certainly do not forget to thank the dog-inspector Chewy!

Mat, Rose, Dina & Lady Dee

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1 Comment

Melissa Treusch
Melissa Treusch
Mar 15, 2021

Wow! That's a lot of shoes.

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