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Tom is doing well.

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

As many of you know our Tom is no longer living at his favorite place. CSX made him move out. We are very happy to report that much to our surprise, they actually saved some of Tom's personal belongings.

They also hired a consultant to help with this process and they quickly bagged up most of his personal items and moved them into a storage unit.

They also provided him a backpack stuffed with additional supplies and cards that said his items were going to be waiting for him at the unit. They have also prepaid 3 months of the storage unit for him.

So Motor City Mitten Mission met up with FDDR Feeding Detroit and Tom at his "new" temporary spot and we took him to the storage unit. We also met the consultant who was very compassionate and concerned about Tom's wellbeing. Tom was VERY excited to see his belongings, especially his bicycle! 😊 He took a supply of candles, one of his heating contraptions, some clothes, other small miscellaneous items and a backpack! While we're all still sad that his homes were demolished, we are very happy and grateful that his personal property was saved.

Please keep in mind, Tom's safety and well-being is our main priority. This is going to be a process and will take some time, organization and team work. There were a lot of people and organizations that have already partnered and that have worked together to help Tom with this transition and that we are confident will continue to do so. He is going to have highs and lows as he has the past couple days. But he is doing pretty good...a lot better than I'm sure most of us had anticipated. In fact, I think some of us have taken this harder than he has.  

He does have everything that he needs for right now thanks to FDDR Feeding Detroit, Congregation of Every 1 and the Motor City Mitten Mission.

He is very grateful and thankful for everyone's kindness and would like y'all to know that he'll be alright!

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