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HUGE backpack handout!

Today, Wednesday 2/9/22, Sandy and FDDR will handout 92 backpacks! As you can see in the pictures these backpacks are filled with many, many much needed items for them.

FDDR wants to thank everybody that made this possible.

List of the people who helped with backpacks. Holly Cischke, Barbara Beck, Erin Jackson, June Libby, Lizzy Michalski, Debra Martin, Scott Spoonamore, Linda Mitchell, Evelyn Thorne, Charlotte Thorne, Janet Schonscheck, Diane Henderson, Janet Schonscheck, Emily Demeaster, Deanna Ansama, Tina Pyzik, Kelly Bero, Tracy Dunford, Nicole Justice, Julie Pientowski and everyone who bought something from the fundraiser..


PS it is not to late to donate and help FDDR help the ones in need!

Make a monetary donation via check, gift-card, or to sponsor a meal or operating costs or use any Credit/Debit-card at or

Your donations keep FDDR helping the ones in need every day!

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