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Hand warmers and more...

Our mission at FDDR is simple: to feed and help people in need on the streets of greater Detroit regardless of their circumstances!

It is once again starting to get very cold here on the streets of Detroit! Snow can be fun but not so much when your home is that corner on the street.

To help our extended family in need donate to FDDR now

We are in need of Hand warmers, coats, pants, winter socks, blankets, more blankets, underwear (new), boots, gloves, skull caps anything to keep them warm.

If you are not able to donate items consider sponsoring FDDR, make a monetary donation via check, gift-card, or or use any Credit/Debit-card at or or even the donate button on our Facebook page

Choose and order much-needed items from our ALL NEW Wish list for much needed items.

Remember it means that more people in need will not freeze!

Nobody at FDDR gets paid! And we do not receive any funding from the county, state, or federal governments. We are 100% funded by Your donations. FDDR keeps helping and serving even in these very challenging times. Yes, we are making sure our staff and people we serve are safe and healthy during this challenging time. Any gift to this campaign will allow us to continue to serve the homeless and hungry. 

We are committed absolutely to keep serving those who turn to us for help, in this time of need.

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