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The Detroit area got hit really hard with T-storms and very heavy flooding's!

Yesterday (Saturday) we did not have a normal route/live-feed due to the massive flooding's but we went out in the evening (many roads were flooded and closed) to check the area and help several members of our extended family with much needed items and some snacks.

And it is not over yet, today it will be very warm and humid temperatures rise to the middle 80s. Sunday evening will have showers and thunderstorm. Sunday night will have scattered showers and storms.

The weather Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is like a broken record. It will be warm and partly sunny to mostly cloudy each day with scattered showers and thunderstorms possible, mainly during the day. For updates visit

The homeless lost all their possessions that they can not carry with them and we want to replace/help them, yes we will go out today again to help and that is why we need your help right NOW!

Most needed is Shoes (size 11 - 14 - NO SMALLER SIZES we have those) pants/shorts, socks, underwear (new), snacks.

If you can help with any of these you can

call us (313 544 6661) for a drop off @ 2130 4th street Trenton or

make a monetary donation via the donate button, check, gift-card, or or use any Credit/Debit-card at or

Thank you very much for your support/help.

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