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46 million people forced to rely on food charity!

Why FDDR is needed!

46 million people are forced to rely on food charity to feed their families.

The single mom earning $11 an hour at Walmart, without full-time hours or a regular schedule. The fast-food worker earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25, still prevalent in 21 states. In many places residents paying 50 or more percent of their wages in rent just to keep a roof over their heads. The waitress still making $2.13 an hour, who often takes home a negative paycheck from having been taxed on her tips. The 36 percent of college students who can’t afford groceries or stable housing. Our senior citizens, who represent more than half of the recurrent clients at Ziggy the bus, food banks and food pantries around the country.

These folks are the collateral damage of an economic system that exploits their labor, while Congress and the president have failed to give America’s working class a raise in a decade, or increase their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps) benefits to a more realistic level than the current $1.45 per meal. As a result, these individuals and their children have become reliant on a network of charitable food outlets like FDDR distributing food every day. This explosion of charity is a testament to community goodwill and volunteerism, but it’s also a symbol of the abdication of the government’s responsibility to ensure the right to food for its citizenry.

Rather than the federal government outsourcing to charities its response to hunger, we would like to see policy changes that make the need for food banks obsolete: increased SNAP allocations, a $15 minimum wage, more affordable housing and childcare, universal healthcare, stronger labor laws, and healthier school meals.

Make a monetary donation via check, gift-card, or or to sponsor a meal or operating costs or use any Credit/Debet-Card at 3. Choose and order much needed items from our ALL NEW Wish-list

Every donation to FDDR $1.00, $10.00, $50.00 or more, EVERY donation no matter how small or big is used to help the ones in need.

Let’s stay reminded that hunger is the norm for many also for a majority of working Americans—and it doesn’t have to be.

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