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Saturday 1/11/2020 (10 by 10 meals)

Hello FDDR villagers. 

As announced on our live feed, we are looking for 10 cooks to each make a meal that will feed at *least 10 people.* 

We plan to do a 10 by 10 meal on the second Saturday of each month!

Sign up on the mealtrain at: We have 10 slots available for each 10 by 10 Saturday. 

We are asking for a COMPLETE meal, including a snack or sweet item. Also adding a bottle of water would be appreciated. It can be anything you'd like to make.  10 meals by 10 people is 100 meals!

Please bring your PREPARED meal to our house 

our address is: 2130 4 th ST Trenton MI 48183

NO later than 1 PM on Saturday, 1/11/2020.

You can bring your meal over in to-go boxes, ready to walk out the door with forks/spoons, snacks included, (Saturday delivery only) or you can  cook when it fits your schedule and bring it over frozen in Ziploc bags or foil pans a day or two beforehand. We have fridge/freezer space available to store your meal until Saturday if necessary. We will then provide the to-go boxes and package up the meals for you.

Questions?  Need more info? 

or email

Ask and we answer.

Let's come together and do this!!

When people help people, change happens!

Mat, Rose and Dina.

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